Writing plans and reports


To develop, fund, manage and evaluate your project successfully you will need to write several plans and reports.

Project / Business Plan

church gutter blocked with leavesA project plan is an organised and clearly laid out document which sets out the business case for your project. It should contain all the information needed by your stakeholders, funders, DAC (or other permissions authority) including; what you want to do and why, how you plan to achieve your aims, what it will cost and what effect the project will have on your church and community.

Your project plan should include:

  • Mission / vision statement
  • Evidence of need
  • Aims, objectives, goals and targets
  • Management
  • Budget
  • Long term sustainability
  • Review and evaluation

Advice / Resources:

Condition survey

flaking roof tilesA comprehensive condition survey is an absolute must for any repair or restoration work on an historic building.

It should encourage a holistic approach to the building, so that instead of struggling with seemingly unrelated problems you can deal with the entire building as an organic system, each part of which has an effect on every other part.

Statements of significance and need

worn stoneworkResearching and writing statements of significance and need will help you to understand your church, its history and architecture, and previous changes that have taken place.

If you take the time to research them thoroughly they can help reveal potential and possible limits to your project, as well as revealing how and why your building developed the way it did, and why it is unique to your community.

Both are a requirement as part of the permissions process for building projects at listed places of worship, and these documents are also requested by many grant funders.

Find out more: statements of significance and need

Other plans and reports

church filled with scaffoldingSome projects, and some funders, will require more specialised plans and reports. Our Gateway Grant programme might be used to help fund such reports.

These may include things like; condition survey, archeological survey report, audience development plan, access plan or conservation plan.

Always check with your planning authority or funder to make sure you have prepared everything they need in order to assess your project properly. They usually provide guidance on the kind of reports and plans they need and the format they prefer.