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Every Church Counts

The UK has some of the most historic and beautiful churches, chapels and meeting houses to be found anywhere in the world. But many are at risk of closing for good if urgent action is not taken. 

  • In England, there are now 900 places of worship on Historic England's Heritage at Risk Register – with 53 more added in 2023. 
  • In Wales, 25 per cent of historic churches and chapels have closed in the last decade.
  • The Church of Scotland is actively planning to close as many as 30-40 per cent of its churches.

At the National Churches Trust, we are doing everything that we can to support church buildings in need. You can help us be here for every church – and the people and communities who rely on them.

Watch the video to find out more

Every Church Counts – a blueprint of how churches can be saved for the future 

With hundreds of churches facing closure, a national plan is urgently needed to help secure their future. We are calling on the UK Government, heritage organisations and Christian denominations to work together to tackle the UK’s single biggest heritage challenge.  
Our plan is the starting point for a national conversation on the future of church buildings. And we would love you to be a part of it.  

Get involved

A photograph of the manifesto document in front of Parliament

Download and read Every Church Counts

Take a look at the manifesto in full, which includes quotes from churches, the latest statistics on church buildings and public support and how you can help.

What you can do to help

The Houses of Parliament, as seen from across the River Thames

Tell your MP to ask for a Westminster Hall debate

Your MP is there to represent you in parliament, so it is important that they know that churches and their future matter to you. Please ask your MP to ask for a Westminster Hall debate on the issue of saving the UK’s church buildings. This debate will help ensure that this important topic stays on the UK Government’s radar and will bring further publicity and attention to it.

There are different ways you can tell your MP that you care about the future of churches. You can:

• Send them an email or write to them
• Invite them to your church
• Visit them during their constituency opening times

Find out who your local MP is and how to contact them
A graphic featuring a stained glass window and the text Every Church Counts

Share Every Church Counts on social media and with your contacts

The best way to start a national conversation is to get everyone involved. Can you help? We would love you to show your support for Every Church Counts on social media and with your family, friends, colleagues and churches.

Please do share this webpage and why you support church buildings using the #EveryChurchCounts

You can also download graphics to share here