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Every year we run a range of training sessions and courses, as well as attending those arranged by other organisations. Many of our sessions are delivered online, making them easily accessible to people from across the country. Last year we delivered our training and workshops to thousands of volunteers, clergy and others.

Our calendar of training helps you choose which is best for you and your church. It includes :

  • Our online sessions
  • Attendance at training, funding and other events by our team

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Our sessions cover a wide range of topics, from maintenance to tourism and from grants to marketing. They are delivered in a friendly manner with plenty of opportunity for Q&As both during and afterwards in the chat sessions. 

Here on our website we also have some training films, which you can watch and share, helping you to make the most of your amazing spaces. We also manage networking spaces, where you can share best practice or test ideas with others.

Networking spaces


Welsh Places of Worship Forum

A group on Facebook for anyone representing a place of worship in Wales. Working with the Welsh Places of Worship Forum, we manage this space as a place to share ideas and best practice. If you're from a church, chapel, meeting house or other place of worship in Wales, please join us!


National Churches Trust : Northern Ireland

A page on Facebook to share information for places of worship of historic, architectural and community value used by Christian denominations throughout Northern Ireland. We'd love you to follow the page and be a part of the chat.

Online training

We offer some great training sessions and have also created some great training films.

We also work with other organisations who offer training, advice and support. 

Here we have gathered together all our online training films into one place, easy to bookmark and keep coming back to. We also list some of those partnerships as well as links to their online sessions you can watch anytime.

Grab a coffee, sit back and explore the possibilities.

Discover a range of films and recorded sessions to watch now

Training films


Take great photos

A picture is worth a thousand words. Taking beautiful photographs doesn't have to be difficult, though. You probably have the tools to hand and with our advice your page, website and social media can be brighter and more engaging in a snap! Watch our four short training films.


Make great films

If a picture speaks 1000 words, imagine what a video is worth. Watch our four short training films to help you take and edit brilliant short films of your church. Creating brilliant videos doesn't have to be difficult, our four short films will show you how to capture, edit and share your footage using free tools.

How to : short films


Create a QR code

By simply pointing your smartphone's camera onto a QR code this will open up a destination web address, document or something else.


5 actions towards sustainability

We are very grateful to Hamish Leese from Action for Hope at the Methodist Church for sharing five brilliant actions you can take today to help your church towards sustainability.


Find creative commons images

Most images shared online are protected by copyright. The good news is, it’s often easy to find an image that you can use.