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If feeling the earth beneath your boots or bike is your thing, you are in for a treat!

Our churches, chapels and meeting houses are blessed. They are set within some of the finest natural landscapes in the country, and to visit is to discover the past, present and future of our place within them.

Our villages, towns and cities are great places to start, and often have a local pub serving wholesome homemade food and local ales!

Here we list a wide variety of walks, rides and scenic drives. They are different lengths and over varied terrains. They visit a wide variety of heritage sites, and often explore the history of the whole area in which they are set. They all link to a well laid out and easy to follow route.

We have a lot to tempt you out!



Church & Chapel Walking Festival 2024

We are gathering a map and list of walking festivals which feature churches, chapels and meeting houses in their routes. This page will grow in detail through the year.

Find a walking festival near you

Yorkshire Five Churches

Enjoy 10 miles in the rural splendour of beautiful south Rotherham! Stepping in the footsteps of centuries of walkers, visit picturesque villages and explore some of Rotherham’s finest church architecture.


Lincolnshire Wolds Welcome

Blow away the cobwebs with 9 miles of hilltop panoramas and shady valleys, partly following the course of the Viking Way long distance footpath. Explore three delightful Lincolnshire churches in breathtaking rolling Wolds.


Wales Coast Path

The Wales Coast Path is the first path in the world to follow a nation's entire coastline. Some rare souls may choose to walk the whole 870 miles but we have created 9 new short walks, all visiting sacred places along the path.


Great Welsh Church Walks

Looking for some amazing walks this year? If you like atmospheric places off the beaten track, Wales churches are a great place to start. We asked our friends to recommend their favourites.


Blyth Circular Walk

Blyth is a village situated on the old Great North Road, six miles north of Worksop. Enjoy a 2 mile stroll around the village, discovering fascinating local history and a truly glorious priory church.


Penrhys Pilgrimage Way

Discover a 20 mile medieval pilgrimage route, split into six sections, rich in history as you travel through the ever changing and gorgeous landscapes of South Wales.


Ride + Stride for churches

Join the annual national sponsored event in September. Visit historic buildings, see beautiful countryside, exercise and have fun with the family!


Wales Cistercian Way

A 672 mile walk into the heart of Wales. The Cistercian Way is a project to create a round Wales walking route linking iconic Cistercian abbeys with other sites of historic interest.


Cathedrals Cycle Route

Stretching nearly 2,000 miles, taking in the beauty of varied landscapes across England and visiting 42 glorious cathedrals. Why not ride in support of the National Churches Trust?


Faith in Cowal

Discover 200 miles of pilgrim trails in the west of Scotland. With a raft of beautiful village churches, ruined chapels on hidden hillsides, and a handful of holy wells with which to quench your thirst.


North Wales pilgrims way

Follow a mapped and waymarked route across north Wales. Stop off at churches dedicated to 6th century saints, places where gentle history happened and where faith combined with beauty and the wonder of nature still resonate today.


The Herefordshire Trail

A long distance path using existing public rights of way to give a circular tour around the county linking market town, villages and landscapes and through rich arable land, apple orchards, hop fields, woodlands speckled with wild flowers and river valleys.


Towers & Spires

A series of cycle tours linking magnificent cathedrals in England with some of the remarkable parish churches surrounding them.


Carmarthenshire Enlightenment

This tour in southern Carmarthenshire will enlighten you on the rapid improvement in literacy across Wales during the European ‘Age of Enlightenment’.



The practicalities

Whilst most of our routes are a walk, ride or drive; our rides can be walked and our drives can be ridden (if you are feeling fit). Whether you walk, ride or drive there are a few things to consider.

For walkers

Walking is free, fun, sociable and anyone can do it. Walking regularly can help you keep fit, reduce stress and is a great way to discover the area. Don’t forget to dress for the British weather, and wear appropriate clothing and footwear. Some of the routes are alongside busy roads, please take extra care when walking near traffic and remember to walk on the right hand side when there isn’t a footpath.

For more tips on walking visit :

For riders

A bike is a very versatile machine, enabling you to pedal happily down roads and across country. Ensure that your bike and lights are in good working condition before setting off. Always wear a cycle helmet. You will need to ride along the road in places, take extra care and stay visible.

For more tips on cycling visit :

For drivers

Please drive carefully. If you would like to stop to admire the wonderful scenery please pull right off the road. Please respect the need for local people to park and attend services. Parking near all the sites is likely to be limited.