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Hallowed Scotland

The sacred heritage of Scotland stretches back thousands and thousands of years.

There are tribal Celts, ancient face painted Picts, Roman conquerors and audacious Vikings. Monarchs and warriors, clansmen, explorers, philosophers and inventors have all left their mark on this wonderous land and it's buildings. Mysterious standing stones, rugged castles, fortresses and industrial engineering all sit side by side with churches, chapels, abbeys and cathedrals.

You can even sleep in churches, with some wonderfully created visitor accommodation across Scotland.

Relive the past and witness the wondrous monuments that today proudly tell their stories.

Join us on our exploration of sacred Scotland.

Hallowed Scotland

Scottish churches on our map

Tibbermore Church

Now famous as a location for the TV series 'Outlander'.


St Machar Cathedral, Aberdeen

The Cathedral is a fine example of a fortified kirk, with twin towers built in the fashion of 14th century tower houses and now with spires added in the 15th century.


St Peter, Brough of Birsay

A small church and what appears to be a monastery were built in the 11th century, one of the most sophisticated medieval ecclesiastical buildings to survive in the Northern Isles.


Crathie Kirk, Ballater

Queen Victoria's personal attendant, John Brown was buried in Crathes Kirk graveyard, along with others who served here. Some have headstones with personal epitaphs from Victoria.


Italian Chapel, Lamb Holm

The chapel stands after seventy years, as a reminder of a faith that flourished in adversity, and as a memorial to the genius of its Italian prisoner of war builders.


Rosslyn Chapel

One of Scotland’s most remarkable buildings, Rosslyn Chapel has been in the ownership of our family since its foundation in 1446 and is still used today as a place of worship.


Duncansburgh MacIntosh, Fort William

Hitting the Nevis range, weather systems from the Atlantic make Fort William one of Scotland’s wettest corners, so many tourists look for shelter at Duncansburgh Macintosh church in the town of Fort William.


Blessed John Duns Scotus, Gorbels

Completed in 1975 the church is shaped like the prow of a ship. The reliquary containing the forearm of St Valentine arrived in Glasgow via a donation from a wealthy French Catholic family in 1868.



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Is your accommodation search spiralling out of control? Got an over-arching love of stained glass? Staying in a converted Scottish church might be just the ticket for you.

Pack your bags and take an electric road trip to see what you can find and uncover new hidden gems. Come and explore our glens by bike, or walk high up into the hills for stunning views.

You can travel to Scotland seamlessly from the rest of the UK and from overseas, with regular road, rail, ferry and air links to Scotland's incredible destinations. When you arrive, you'll find there is easy access to all regions, and with a little more careful planning, you can reach the beautiful yet more remote areas and islands.