Our campaigns

Churches are some of the most important historic buildings in the UK.

They are treasure houses of architecture and heritage and provide essential help and support to local communities.

Our work includes creative and imaginative campaigns that show why churches matter, the vital contribution they make to the life of the nation and local people and how we can all help make sure they will be there for future generations to enjoy.

Our campaigns


Future of the UK's Church Buildings

Our national debate, backed by Michael Palin, to safeguard the future of church buildings for heritage and tourism, for building stronger communities and of course as places for worship and reflection.


House of Good

From foodbanks to credit unions, churches across the UK provide a growing list of essential services for people in urgent need, contributing over £55 billion of social and economic value to the UK each year.


Fifty things to do in a church

Highlighting the activities and events that take place in and around church buildings and the many different ways that people use and experience churches.