Care for your building


From vital regular maintenance, to one off large building projects, caring for your church, chapel or meeting house in a well managed and appropriate way is essential if you are going to safeguard it for future generations.

Just about managing

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Having the right management structure for your church is probably something that is determined by your denomination. However, ensuring that you have the right people involved and are operating good governance will help you to make sure that your required structure is working your benefit.

National Churches Trust: management structure

Maintenance matters

stained glass windowCaring for a church can be a complex task, especially if your building is old or listed (or both). With so many aspects that go in to managing a building it can be difficult to know where to start, and where to find support and advice. 

National Churches Trust: regular maintenance

Going green

stained glass windowGoing green is not just about protecting our environment for the future, although this is a very worthwhile goal. Understanding how to make your building sustainable and investing in green technologies can save you money aswell.

National Churches Trust: environmental sustainability

Securing your future

stained glass windowSecurity, in all its forms, causes stress for those caring for churches, chapels and meeting houses. Whether it is securing the building itself, opening for visitors safely, metal theft or personal safety... these are all sensitive and stressful issues to consider, as they can have long ranging effects on people, places and finances.

National Churches Trust: security

Health and safety not gone mad

stained glass windowTogether with security, health and safety is important for those who come into your building as worshippers, visitors or as employees. It is important during the normal running of the church and especially important if you are planning building works or functions. But, it doesn’t have to be scary or overly complicated.

National Churches Trust: health and safety