Working with your denomination

Your denomination website will provide most of the information you will need on many aspects of caring for your church building. 

Below is a list of many denomination websites in the UK.

The ChurchCare website is maintained by the Church of England’s Cathedral and Church Buildings Division, and is a comprehensive resource for anyone (not just Anglicans) managing a church building. It explains the Church of England’s Faculty System and what to consider when making changes to the use or physical fabric of your church.

All Church of England dioceses have guidance and information on their own websites usually under a menu heading of - church buildings or looking after your church buildings.

The Catholic Church in England and Wales provides advice on the management of buildings under the heading of Patrimony.

The Methodist Church in Britain has guidance on managing and developing their churches.

The Baptist Union of Great Britain has written a series of leaflets to help local churches with practical building issues, legal matters, property opportunities and challenges and charity law.

The United Reformed Church website is currently preparing revised and updated pages on all issues to do with buildings. If you have a question, please contact your synod’s Property/Trust Officer.

Quakers in Britain website provides a set of property advice sheets which cover a wide range of topics, including building maintenance, facilities for people with disabilities, gardens and burial grounds, health and safety, security, insurance, risk assessments, as well as issues relating to historic meeting houses, conservation areas and listed buildings.

The Salvation Army website.


The Church in Wales’s Property Department website provides information and guidance notes to parishes on every aspect of managing and maintaining their buildings.

South Wales Baptist Association [English-speaking]

Baptist Union of Wales [Welsh-speaking]

The Methodist Church in Wales

The Presbyterian Church of Wales/Eglwys Bresbyteraidd Cymru, also known as Calvinistic Methodist Church/Yr Eglwys Fethodistaidd Galfinaidd

The Catholic Church (Archdiocese of Cardiff) and the website for the Catholic Church in England and Wales

The Union of Welsh Independents [mostly Welsh-speaking]

The United Reformed Church

Quakers in Wales

The Seventh Day Adventists in Wales

The Congregational Federation in Wales     

The Wales Division of the Salvation Army


In the Church of Scotland, it is the Mission and Discipleship Council’s Committee on Church Art and Architecture (CARTA) which advises and regulates the development of buildings to meet new needs and circumstances in partnership with the General Trustees. CARTA advises congregations and presbyteries on the most appropriate way of carrying out renovations, alterations and the reordering of interiors, having regard to the architectural quality of Church buildings.

Guidance on other aspects of managing church buildings can be found on the Church of Scotland website

The Scottish Episcopal Church Free Church of Scotland 

Free Church of Scotland

Catholic Church in Scotland

Baptist Union of Scotland

Northern Ireland

The Church of Ireland website under the heading of Land and Buildings offers information on all aspects of managing church buildings including funding and grants.

Historic Churches of the Church of Ireland

Roman Catholic




The Non–Subscribing Presbyterian Church of Ireland

Free Presbyterian Church of Ulster

Religious Society of Friends

Moravian Church (Irish District)

Elim Church Ireland

Dioceses in Northern Ireland

Churches in Ireland