Repair projects


Even with good maintenance, and ongoing care, repairs will not always be avoidable. Your building may develop structural problems, or parts may simply wear out. Older repairs using inappropriate materials and techniques may contribute to the decay, or you may find an infestation of insects or fungus.

Where possible you should always try to repair, rather than restore and replace. Repairs carried out sympathetically will preserve as much of the heritage as possible, whilst securing it for the future, meaning that the original fabric remains as much as possible.

Minor repairs

a workman repairing the pebble wall of a church

Like for like repairs can still require governing body permissions, for example Anglican churches typically require Archdeacon's List B consent.

You should always ensure that the appropriate materials and techniques are used, so as not to cause further problems in the future.

Major repairs

If you find yourself facing major repairs, perhaps to your church roof or structural repairs to stonework always consult an expert.

There is a wealth of information about managing a major repair or building project in the next section of our website.

National Churches Trust: Managing Church Building Projects