St Paul

Armitage Bridge, Yorkshire


St Paul
Armitage Bridge

  • Church of England

  • Repair Grant, £6,000, 2007

  • Our Repair Grants funded urgent repair work to help keep churches open.

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St Lucius

Farnley Tyas, Yorkshire

The village was recorded in the Domesday Book of 1086 as ‘Ferlei’ or ‘Fereleia’ which is thought to mean either ‘lea of the ferns’ or ‘the far lea’.

St Peter

Huddersfield, Yorkshire

The building is the third on the site, dates from 1836 and was designed by JP Pritchett.

Holy Trinity

Huddersfield, Yorkshire

Built in 1819 at a time when Huddersfield's population was growing rapidly, Holy Trinity still holds to the vision of its founder to 'Love God and Love Huddersfield'.