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Read our latest blogs and stories of churches we have helped and the people who help look after churches to keep them open, in good repair and being used for the benefit of local communities.

Artisan Plastercraft

Artisan Plastercraft

Originally set up in 2009, Artisan Plastercraft employs over 50 experts specialising in the many and various forms of architectural and decorative plasterwork.

J & JW Longbottom

J & J W Longbottom

If you are looking to match original cast iron work on an historic church, there is a good chance that a traditional foundry near Huddersfield can help you.

Marble Air

Marble Air

Interior design, architectural services and project management for churches throughout the UK.

JGS Fire safety

JGS Fire Safety

When fire damage occurs in churches, it can affect local communities, disrupting user groups and the outreach activities of the church.

Green Barnes signs


A company which took the humble church or village notice board from something randomly produced by carpenters, to becoming a properly designed product.

E-Barnes alarms in churches

E-bound alarms

As the price of metal has increased over the past few years, so, unsurprisingly, has the rate of metal theft. Alarms are one way to help stop metal theft from churches.

Organ Design repairing organ

Organ Design

A craft that is handed down from master to pupil. Organ Design designs and builds instruments as well as maintaining, tuning and restoring all types and sizes of organ.

Distributed Sound and Video team

Distributed Sound & Video Limited

Run by Dan Herbert and Courtney Brown, DSAV specialises in supplying audio-visual systems to churches across the UK, bringing communities together.

textiles from Janie Lightfoot

Janie Lightfoot Textiles

Based in North West London, Janie is an accredited conservator and an expert at restoring church textiles and giving them a new lease of life.