Where to search for grant funding


There are a few places where you can search for funding based on criteria etc. Of course you could just use google (or another search engine), but these are some more targeted places to try first.

Some of these are databases of funding for historic churches. However, they are worth a quick look as some funders do not only fund heritage buildings.

stained glass window of three angels looking downFunds for historic buildings

On this website you can search by project type / area / cost to get a list of funders which might be right for you to approach. Even though you may be working with a new building, there still might be some good ideas.

Funds for Historic Buildings: funds for historic buildings


This site lists specific funds for churches. This is a Church of England site, but it lists potential funders for other denominations.

Churchcare: grants funding

Grants online

You can take a free month trial at Grant Online. Make sure you check everything you want to whilst you have access to it for free.

Grants Online: grants online

Local churches trusts

Don’t forget that your local historic churches trust may also offer grants for your project. Discover your local trust, and its work, on our website.

National Churches Trust: local churches trusts