Churches trusts

Across the country is a network of regional churches trusts, for the most part set up and run by dedicated volunteers.

They are independent charities providing locally specific support and advice to places of worship in the. Many work within county boundaries, but not all. Some have been working in their area for decades, others are relatively new. They are all experts in the churches of their area, and have one key thing in common - they exist to support local churches, chapels and meeting houses to care for their buildings, encourage sustainable use and open for visitors.

We work closely with the national network of churches trusts to combine their local knowledge and understanding of churches with our national approach to support and information provision. 

They all do wonderful work, including:

  • Grant giving
  • Events; Ride + Stride, promoting events at and about churches, heritage, architecture and more
  • Sharing news, information and issues with churches
  • Publications; sharing national research and reports, carrying our regional research
  • Pubicity and tourism; by working with local tourism organisations, origing events and open days and contributing to our Explore Churches pages
  • Partnering on projects
  • Fundraising; through Ride+Stride and other local fundraising
  • Friends/Members schemes

Find your local Churches Trust

There are Churches Trusts across much of the UK. But those that offer grat funding tend to work in the counties and regions of England. To check which Trust is closest to you or your church check our list of support organisations. Simply choose 'local churches trust' from the drop down menu on the left hand side of the page.

See our support organisations listings here

Ride + Stride

Run by Churches Trusts Ride + Stride raises well over £1million every year. It is the single largest source of income for many historic churches trusts, and enables them to give hundreds of thousands of pounds in grants to churches across the country. The money raised helps to repair churches, chapels and meeting houses throughout the UK.

Find out more about Ride + Stride here