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We offer some great training sessions and have also created some great training films.

We also work with other organisations who offer training, advice and support. 

Here we have gathered together all our online training films into one place, easy to bookmark and keep coming back to. We also list some of those partnerships as well as links to their online sessions you can watch anytime.

Grab a coffee, sit back and explore the possibilities.

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Take great photos

A picture is worth a thousand words. Watch our four short training films to help you take and edit amazing photographs of your church.


Make great films

If a picture speaks 1000 words, imagine what a video is worth. Watch our four short training films to help you take and edit brilliant short films of your church.

How to : short films


Create a QR code

By simply pointing your smartphone's camera onto a QR code this will open up a destination web address, document or something else.


5 actions towards sustainability

We are very grateful to Hamish Leese from Action for Hope at the Methodist Church for sharing five brilliant actions you can take today to help your church towards sustainability.


Find creative commons images

Most images shared online are protected by copyright. The good news is, it’s often easy to find an image that you can use.

Churches Trust for Cumbria training films

A series of training films produced in 2019. They feature a series of experts, using churches and chapels in Cumbria as examples.

Find more resources from CTfC

Understanding your building

Understanding the construction and fabric of your church building can help with maintenance and conservation and help you to make changes which can have a positive impact.

Conservation of stained glass

A closer look at windows and the challenges they present in maintaining and conserving them, including correct cleaning.

Governance and managing change

Churches, especially listed buildings, have special architectural and heritage interest. This film explores how important churches are, and how to best manage any change.


Online sessions from other organisations

Google Tour Creator : creating a free 360 tour

Alec from London Museum Development takes you through the process of creating a 360 degree tour of your museum, using the Google Tour Creator platform and the Google Street View app.

Social Media Strategy : creating a strategy from scratch

Alec from London Museum Development will take you through the basics of developing a social media strategy, looking at why one may be important for your use of social media and how you can use social media to help achieve your goals.

Interpreting your Historic Church Building

Matthew Godfrey, Historic Churches Support Officer at the Diocese of Lincoln offers great suggestions for interpreting your historic church building, to help with your heritage offer for grant funding or new interpretation materials.