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ONLINE : Having faith in good maintenance

The importance of undertaking regular maintenance cannot be stressed enough. Proper and regular maintenance of your church building will help you preserve heritage, save money, be more sustainable, and promote guardianship and community involvement. Hear from our officers with decades of built heritage experience.


STIRLING : Eco Congregation Sprint Event

An event to encourage proactive maintenance to keep the buildings wind and watertight and dry, to help churches achieve their net zero targets. Our Cherish project Church Support Officer for Scotland will be attending and have a stall - come along and chat to Karen Hind there.


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ONLINE : Read All About It

Have you got a story to share? Whether you're starting a fundraising campaign, sharing recent repair or conservation work or promoting an activity or event we've got some great advice in this FREE workshop.


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ONLINE : Social Media Essentials & New Ideas

Channels and platforms; the benefits of a plan; who are your audiences; what motivates them to engage with your content; what content you should be creating and when you should be posting; dealing with negative posts or comments; how to report so you can measure your success. Social media is ever changing, but we can help.


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ONLINE : Making the Most of Your Website

And as more and more elements of our daily lives move online, it makes sense that your website is the first place potential members, worshippers, volunteers, supporters, visitors or event attendees look to find out more information about your church.