St Boniface


The Church  was built in 1958 by F.Deeley & Sons Ltd. of Harborne, to the design of Bromilow, While & Smeeton, Architects. As part of the redevelopment of Birmingham, council estates were built around the outskirts of the City Centre to re-house people currently living there. Quinton was one of these council estates. The church has been active in the area since it's creation and with many other key buildings in the area now demolished and turned into houses, the church remains an original key feature and still a popular community building for the area. 

An inspection identified asbestos around the girders. The building is safe for the short term, but the issue must be addressed by encapsulating the asbestos in the form of panelling on the ceiling. The work has presented an opportunity to refurbish, such as through fitting a new flat roof on the lower level church roof, corridor, kitchen and foodbank storage, as the present one leaks. 



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