Repair Grants


Details of programmes and funding in 2019 will be announced later in the year.Our Repair Grants programme offers grants usually of between £5,000 and £40,000 towards the cost of urgent and essential structural repair projects.

Are you eligible?

  • Is yours a Christian place of worship in the UK (but not a cathedral), and open for regular public worship?
  • Do you own the building or have the right to carry out the work?
  • Was your place of worship built as a place of worship originally, and are the works proposed due to take place within or attached to it?
  • Is the building open to the public for a minimum of 40 days a year beyond worship?
  • Is your total project cost estimated at over £100,000 (including VAT and fees)?
  • Have you already raised 50% of the total project cost?
  • Is the project being led by a qualified professional, with conservation accreditation?

You can find out more about our Repair Grants by watching the video below.

For the 2018 guidance notes, full criteria and priorities and the online application form to apply, follow the link below.

The next deadline is on 2 July 2018 for a decision in November 2018.

Details of programmes and funding in 2019 will be announced later this year.

Find out more and apply for our Repair Grants

Applicants with necessary facilities in place can also be considered for National Churches Trust Micro-Grant in Partnership with the Cinnamon Network. These are additional £2,000 micro-grants available to successful applicants to set up a new Cinnamon Network Recognised Project that meets the needs of local people. The micro-grants allow churches to set up social action projects such as CAP Money Courses, Make Lunch and Parish Nursing. Successful churches will also be able to access the support and training provided by Cinnamon Network’s regional Advisers and Trainers. We cannot fund existing projects.

If your repair project has a cost of less than £100,000, please visit our Partnership Grants page. There is a list of local trusts that we work to award small grants of upto £10,000 towards a wide range of repair projects with costs of up to £100,000. If there is a local trust in your area and they are not listed, you may still be able to apply under their own grants programme. In 2017 we also opened new schemes in Wales and Northern Ireland. Please use this page to find out more.

For all other churches whose total project costs are less than £100,000, at our discretion we may consider an application, particularly if you are in a priority area. Please contact the office - - to discuss before applying.

You can can also explore the Building Advice pages for information on other funding sources and local fundraising including Friends Groups.

Some case studies available here, and some general FAQs, here, may be of interest.

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