St Aelhaearn

Llanaelhaearn, Gwynedd


St Aelhaearn
LL54 5AL

  • Church in Wales

  • Repair Grant, £10,000, 2009

  • Our Repair Grants funded urgent repair work to help keep churches open.

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St Beuno

Clynnog Fawr, Gwynedd

St Beuno, descended from the royal princes of Powys, was the most celebrated of the early Christian monks of North Wales and it was he who founded the 'clas' at Clynnog Fawr in 616 and died here in about 640.

Llandudwen Church

Llandudwen, Gwynedd

This stunning ancient church, founded in the 5th century as a pilgrimage site to St Tudwen, is a place of solitude and spiritual refuge and is open all year round.

Capel Newydd

Nanhoron, Gwynedd

Probably the oldest surviving non conformist chapel in north Wales, this stone building was built in 1770.