LDC Heritage Restoration


LDC Heritage Restoration is a family company offering highly skilled and specialist stonemasonry services across the UK. Established in 2001, our team’s personal experiences stretch back over several decades; including prestige projects with English Heritage and the National Trust. The company was born out of a real passion for architecture and historic buildings. Using traditional skills combined with modern technology and an acute attention to detail, we always ensure that our work blends perfectly with the existing stonework whilst complying with the modern essentials of Health and Safety and Building Regulations.

Through our highly experienced masons, the team also extends to specialists in other essential restorative fields such as carpentry, lead work, glazing and cleaning, enabling us to offer complete restoration project management, applying our high standards across an entire job. We believe in the traditional values of a care for the craft, true expertise and attention to detail delivered professionally and reliably at every stage.


Areas of coverage England, Wales
Contact name Luke Clark
Contact email luke@ldcrestoration.co.uk
Telephone 07845 268660
Link http://www.ldcrestoration.co.uk/