St Mary le Strand


The church was built between 1714-1717 under the 1711 Act for Fifty New Churches. It was the first church designed by James Gibbs, drawing on certain features of St. Paul's Cathedral. It precedes his larger church at the west end of the Strand, St. Martin-in-the-Fields, and replaced a church demolished in 1548 when the first Somerset House was built. A foremost and delicate example of English baroque architecture. All outside is in Portland stone with mostly copper roof coverings.

There is a need to conserve, enhance, and optimise the space of this remarkable Grade I listed church in order to ensure its survival for many more years to come. The grant will go towards the development phase of a major regeneration project. By undertaking a detailed Feasibility Study (and accompanying Condition Survey), the church will explore how best to accommodate new uses within the building and explore options to utilise space both internally and externally where appropriate. 

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