St James and St Elidyr


St James and St Elidyr was built in the 12th century, and restored in the mid 1800s. The church is partly dedicated to St Elidyr, or Elidor which may be a reference to Elidor de Stackpole, a Norman knight who established a settlement here. The church contains many notable features, including an inscribed pillar dating from the 5th century, two 14th century female effigies on the floor of the Lort Chapel as well as some significant 17th century monuments. The lych gate is a fine example of Art Nouveau work with lead panels and crestings.

The project will repair the church’s roof in order to protect this important historic building for future generations. The roofs, which are in poor condition due to failing and rusting fixings, will be repaired. Water is getting into the church through holes in the roof when it rains. The installation of new rainwater goods will prevent damage to the building fabric and monuments. This will help solve damp problems which are leading to damage to walls and paint inside the church. The windows will also be repaired so that they can once again be opened and will provide much-needed ventilation.

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