St James


Designed by G. G. Place in the 1840s and completed with the construction of the tower in 1893. Views to and from Belvoir Castle provide a tangible link to the estate which has historically been served by the village. The quality of its construction, the separately listed railings and gate to the churchyard and the well-proportioned tower distinguish this building as the architectural gem of the village. The Woolsthorpe Church Regeneration Group has been set up to take ownership of the future use of the building, making sure local needs are taken into account. It is anticipated that the church will be used for worship but also as a community hub, possibly focusing on rural services and outdoor pursuits. The building was closed for health and safety reasons and the grant was to help fund a major project to return the church to a useable community building. Works included re-slating of all roofs, overhaul of the drainage system, repairs to clerestory windows, and high-level tower.

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