St Bartholomew the Great


The Augustinian Priory was founded here in 1123 at the same time as the neighbouring hospital by Rahere, who was a courtier to King Henry I. Great alterations were made about 1405. The apsidal end of the choir was squared off and the clerestory of the choir rebuilt in the perpendicular style. Having survived the Great Fire of London in 1666 it also escaped serious damage in both World Wars; St Bartholomew the Great can therefore claim to be the oldest extant church in London. 

The lead of the Lady Chapel roof has failed in a number of places on the south side leading to increasing water ingress and damage to the roof beams. The problem has recently become acute with regular water ingress which is starting to damage both the masonry of the chapel and the supporting beams of the roof. The project will repair the roof. 

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