Perth Methodist Church


Awarded a grant to help fund a project to create a community and cultural hub by increasing the number of toilets, refurbishing the kitchen, removing fixed seating and upgrading the heating.

Perth Methodist Church dates from 1879 and is now a city centre church surrounded by a mix of tenement flats, shops and commercial premises. The church has a vision to develop as a community and cultural hub at the heart of Perth's city centre. The refurbishment programme will give greater flexibility, a more inviting environment and improved facilities for those who currently use the church and for a variety of new users and community-based activities. 

Additional ladies toilets will be provided, the kitchen will be completely refurbished and the removal of fixed seating and the levelling of the floor will allow for greater use of the building, not only for worship but also for current community-orientated activities. These include youth work, dancing, drama, concerts and public meetings.

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