Holy Trinity and All Saints


Parts of the church probably date from the 13th century. The tower is the third highest in Norfolk at 132 feet. The bell chamber has a set of six bells (Moore, Holmes and McKenzie). The interior is spacious, with a total length of 150 feet and a large nave of 86 feet. The pulpit and lectern are constructed from old oak posts that supported the former roof (dated c. 1878). The church has a magnificent locally-made rood screen (dated c. 1899). Behind the altar is a stone reredos (c. 1859), which is inscribed with the Lord's Prayer. The church is open daily. There are weekday and Sunday services, exhibitions, concerts, festivals (often for fundraising). It is used by schools for festivals. The grant was to help fund urgent high-level repairs to the tower walls and belfry windows. Rainwater was getting into the body of the tower walls through cracked pointing and decayed stone weatherings. The whole tower was wet with damp and green stains on the inside walls., and flints falling off the walls.

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