Coldingham Priory Church


A grant made thanks to the 2012-13 Capital Grant Scheme from the Department for Culture, Media and Sport, administered by the National Churches Trust. The Priory in Coldingham has been an ancient place of Christian worship for over 900 years. The Priory is a Scottish Grade A isted Ancient Monument. Founded in 1098 as a church, the Priory soon became the northernmost house of the monks of St Cuthbert, who were then centred on Durham. Appropriated in the 15th century by the Kings of Scotland, the Priory went into decline. Many changes followed, both in construction and violent destruction. The present Coldingham church includes remnants of a 13th century building. The local area is a small rural village and it is undergoing wider regeneration. The funding was to support the Priory Church Plan to enhance access, provide new facilities and improve the flexibility of the interior space to attract more users. The plan involves providing a wheelchair lift and emergency exit, new disabled toilet, a kitchenette and meeting room and a switch from fixed pews to flexible seating.

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