Caputh Parish Church


There has been a church in Caputh (Perth and Kinross) since the C9th, the present one (A Church of Scotland Church) being a fine stone building, now into its third century. The building of Caputh Church was started in 1798, the tall pointed windows were inserted in 1839, the aisle and tower added in 1865 and the windows altered in 1918. In the 1960s, a meeting room was created under the gallery cleverly using the wood from the rearmost pews. The English-style lychgate was added in 1928. The interior, by A G Heiton of Perth, was created in 1913, and has fine oak furnishings in the style of Lorimer. Significant stained glass windows including work by R Anning Bell, T Millie Dow, Gordon Webster, Guthrie & Wells and the Abbey Studio. Monument to Caroline Graham Murray by Robert Lorimer. Organ by James Bruce of Edinburgh, c.1830, moved here from nearby Delvine House. The mortar in the west gable has failed allowing water to penetrate to the interior wall which presents a serious risk to the internal structure.

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