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Inside a crypt

The little-known London church behind St John Ambulance

St John Ambulance is an iconic institution, known for providing first aid at public events like village fairs and sports competitions. But behind the service of these committed volunteers is a history that spans a millennium, and a London church at the heart of it.

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2024 summer reads: Our nine picks for church-lovers

Summer is the ultimate reading season. If you’re taking time off to unwind or to venture far and wide, a collection of books is always a great companion. This summer, we’ve got you covered. Find a page-turner you’ll have to get hold of with our top picks for church lovers.

The Houses of Parliament pictured from above

How the new Government can help keep UK churches open and in use

The new Government inherits a country with stressed public finances and strained public services. Imagination, ingenuity and leadership are all going to be needed – and whatever happens to taxes, the state will be in no position to solve every problem. But there is one national resource, sometimes overlooked by politicians and policy makers that can help: the UK’s network of 38,500 churches and chapels.

Keir Starmer sits in a circle of people inside a church
Russell Rook

What is Keir Starmer’s favourite church?

During the election campaign, and before he became Prime Minister, Keir Starmer MP told us about his favourite church, St Martin’s Church, in Gospel Oak, London.

A group of people standing on the steps outside a church

How to put on a heritage open day that gets the whole church and community involved

Opening your building up to the public is a great way of welcoming visitors into your church. And by tying it into a local heritage open day event, you could end up attracting many more people into your building. Ebrington Presbyterian church took part in a Heritage Open Day for the first time last year and managed to get their entire church and community involved. Here’s how they did it and the success they had.

The UK Houses of Parliament lit up with a blue sky behind and part of the river Thames visible
Michael D Beckwith

Put churches on the agenda during the General Election campaign

Right now, many church buildings are in danger of closure, putting at risk amazing heritage and support for local people. But you can help turn this around. The General Election on 4 July gives us all a chance to say how important churches are and what help we need from the next UK Government to keep these wonderful buildings open and in good repair.


How to find volunteers for your church

Finding volunteers to help keep your church open and able to serve your community can be difficult. But support is out there to help you to not only recruit new volunteers, but to keep them engaged with your church. Ruth, from St Hilda in Redcar, shares some advice that helped their church attract volunteers.

A portrait of HM King Charles III
Hugo Burnand & The Royal Family

King Charles III becomes Patron of the National Churches Trust

We are delighted to confirm that His Majesty King Charles III has accepted Patronage of the National Churches Trust. This follows on from the late Queen Elizabeth II, who served as Patron of the National Churches Trust from 1953 until 2022.

Four people stand outside the front of St Stephen on the Cliffs Church in Blackpool

How to be an open church

We all hear about a church being open, but what does it really mean? Who gets to come into the building and when? And what for? St Stephen on the Cliffs church in Blackpool shares with us why their building being open is a vital part of the life of the church – even in the midst of a large building project. 


How to set up a museum in your church

Churches, chapels and meeting houses are the guardians of generations of local history. This amazing heritage is too precious not to be shared and enjoyed by all. Let us head to Northern Ireland, where the team at Strabane Church of the Immaculate Conception share how they turned their historic church into a visitor destination.