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Which grant is right for my project?

What is your project?

Click on the items below for more information and see which of our grants programmes is right for you.

For example, re-roofings, stone repairs, etc.

Works cost over £80,000 including VAT and fees.

See our : Large Grant Programme

This would involve alterations to your church building to install or improve kitchen and toilet facilities.

This could be as an extension, but not as a separate building from your church.

Works cost over £30,000, including VAT and fees.

See our : Large Grant Programme

These are projects that are centred around an existing church building.

For example, researching issues through in-depth structural reports, or identifying possibilities through feasibility or options studies, in order to develop a more sustainable capital project and/or to prepare projects to a point you can apply to major grant bodies.

See our : Medium Grant Programme


Works are to the fabric of the building, and are urgent and essential.

For example, roof work or stone repairs.

Works cost between £20,000 and £80,000 including VAT and fees. 

See our : Medium Grant Programme

For example, fixing slipped roof tiles, clearing gutters, improving rain water goods and drainage.

Works cost under £20,000 excluding VAT.

See our : Small Grant Programme


What we don't fund:

  • Church based activities eg; social outreach services, funding for choirs etc.
  • Conservation or changes to contents eg; artworks, bells, glass, clocks, monuments, pews etc.
  • Work in churchyard / boundary walls eg; tree management, conservation of monuments.
  • Work to a building separate from the main church eg; hall.
  • Works purely for heating, lighting, reseating etc.
  • Buildings that are no longer in use for regular worship, that are less than 30 years old, or that were not originally built as a place of worship.