The final stages

One question that needs to be asked is ‘how will we know that we have succeeded?’

It may be simply because there is a toilet where there was none before, your project is deemed successful. There are many other ways to judge success - the number of people who can now use the building, the increase in events, more people staying behind after the service.

Remember, your business plan is a living document. Keep referring to it and making any required changes as your project progresses. If your costs change, look through your business plan to see what impact this will have elsewhere on your project. You will need to regularly check that you are still financially viable.

Before, during and after the development and realisation of your project you need to keep both your business plan and budget up-to-date. It may be useful to schedule a review of these documents at regular intervals to keep your project on track. Maintaining a business-like approach is vital.

Crossing the Threshold: Chapter 15: The final stages – claiming money, celebrating, impact and evaluation explains how to undertake a final evaluation of your building project and what actions you can take to sustain the next stage of your project.

We are sure you will, but when you have finished your building project, celebrate!