Support organisations

Our online directory of church and heritage organisations.

Ashley Family Foundation

England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales

The trustees wish to focus on the following priorities: support for all the Arts; support for projects which seek to strengthen rural communities in Wales, especially in Mid Wales.


Association for Heritage Interpretation

England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales

A key forum for anyone interested in interpretation – the art of helping people explore and appreciate our world.


Association for Industrial Archaeology

England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales

The AIA is the national organisation for people who share an interest in Britain's industrial past. It brings together people who are researching, recording, preserving and presenting the great...


Association of Church Accountants & Treasurers

England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales

Promotes of the efficiency and effectiveness of Christian churches and organisations by the provision, to members, of advice, training and information on accounting, financial, legal and other...


Association of English Cathedrals


The Association of English Cathedrals is the representative body for English Anglican cathedrals, promotes their role and encourages cathedrals to share best practice and information.


Association of Gravestone Studies

England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales

AGS is a nonprofit organisation, whose mission is to foster appreciation of the cultural significance of gravestones and burial grounds through their study and preservation.


Association of Independent Organ Advisors

England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales

Members of the AIOA are experienced and accredited specialists with wide knowledge of the musical, technical, acoustical, architectural and historical questions which can arise.


Association of Major Churches

England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales

Informal association of non-cathedral churches which, by virtue of their great age, size, historical, architectural, or ecclesiastical importance, display many of the characteristics of a cathedral.