Central Middle England

Enjoy royal estates and quaint honey coloured villages.

The east of England is home to swathes of sandy beaches and simmering sunsets, picturesque countryside, remarkable old villages, and miles of immaculate coastline. There's historical architecture, expansive wetlands, and a vast network of lakes and rivers in the Broads national park. Visit curious old villages, and explore the flat open fens and with churches visible for miles.

Central England is crammed with outstanding natural beauty, but it's also the home of William Shakespeare and churches steeped in art, history, and culture. Architectural jewels abound, not least the great cathedrals, battlefield chapels and sturdy Peak District churches. Make time for the twin glories of university cities, and some of our most impressive country manor estates with churches in the grounds or chapels within the house.

The history of central England can be told through its churches, here we share some regional pages as well as stories, themes and trails. Explore our pages to discover great churches to visit.


Central Middle England

English churches on our map


Visit Lincolnshire to experience a rich heritage hidden in over 700 churches.



Known as the county of Spires and Squires for centuries, Northamptonshire is crammed with magnificent churches and great country houses.



Noted for its myths and legends, Nottinghamshire's past is woven around its abundance of magnificent medieval churches.



Discover the place where landscape and heritage shape each other.


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Capability Brown

Lancelot ‘Capability’ Brown changed the face of 18th century England, designing country estates and mansions. He even had a hand in a few churches.

Pilgrims Heartland

One journey links four nations, spans 400 years of history and connects millions of people. Discover the origins of the Separatists, through five leading passengers on the Mayflower in 1620.

Mayflower 400

Across England there are many places with connections to the Mayflower story and worldwide there are over 35 million descendants of the passengers and crew who sailed on her.

National Parks

Incredible churches in wild landscapes. From the rugged wilds of the Cairngorms and the ancient woodlands of the New Forest to the golden shores of the Pembrokeshire Coast.