All Saints

Kirby Mallory, Leicestershire


All Saints
Kirby Mallory

A project to repair the roof.

  • Church of England

  • Partnership Grant, £4,000, 2015

  • Our Partnership Grants funded a range of repair projects, recommended by County Church Trusts, to help keep churches open.

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St Mary Magdalene

Peckleton, Leicestershire

A lovely building in rural Leicestershire dating from the early to mid 14th century but with some earlier as well as later features.

St Martin

Desford, Leicestershire

Reference to St Martin’s church occurs in the Matriculus of 1220 when Hugh de Grantmesnil a powerful baron who owned much land in Leicestershire, gave it to the Abbot of Ware, who was Proctor of the monks of St. Evroult in Normandy, France.