Ardnamurchan Parish Church

Kilchoan, Highland


Ardnamurchan Parish Church
PH36 4LH

Ardnamurchan Parish Church is the most westerly parish on the UK mainland and was evangelised by St. Comaghan who gives his name to the crofting village of Kilchoan. It is the only church now operating in the remote area of west Ardnamurchan, serving a number of small settlements and also provides a community hub for cultural and social activities. The original church was replaced in 1762 by a new building and in 1827 William Burn designed the current building.

Parts of this listed building are in a very bad state. We will undertake a thorough professional investigation and survey of the Church building to understand what is happening with the construction materials and the damp and water ingress. The information gathered will enable us to develop a plan for its repair and restoration. It will also inform the development of the long term sustainable strategy for the building as a community Heritage and Cultural Hub which will be supported by a business plan and viability appraisal. All the available space will be brought back into use and the interior will be re-ordered to provide better facilities and a more flexible and accessible space to support the building’s development.


  • Presbyterian

  • Project Development Grant, £2,750, 2018

  • Our Project Development Grants funded churches developing building projects to help keep churches open.

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