The security of your building, and the safety people within it, will probably be one of your main concerns. They are subjects which can cause a great deal of stress to those responsible for church buildings, and can even lead to buildings being locked and inaccessible outside of worship.

skull;s behind metal railings in a church lychgate

However, there is a lot of advice and guidance available to help you… not least from Ecclesiastical Insurance who together with their partners (Methodist Insurance and Baptist Insurance) provide cover for the vast majority of Christian places of worship in the UK.

Ecclesiasctial Insurance: church matters

Protecting your building

Your building is a great asset. It is unique, and much loved by your community, and as such should be protected against crime or antisocial behaviour. It was also built to be a hub for community activity, and therefore should not be shut and bolted between services.

Striking a balance between these two things is not always easy, but there are simple steps you can take and lots of support and advice to get you started.

National Churches Trust: building security

Metal theft

The theft of metal from church roofs has been one of the biggest heritage crime stories of recent years, and as such there is a lot of support and guidance to both help you prevent and deal with the aftermath if you are affected.

National Churches Trust: metal theft

Safeguarding your people

Your building is important, but even more so is protecting the people who use and care for it.

National Churches Trust: personal safety