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  • Baart Harries Newall

    Baart Harries Newall are architects widely experienced in work to new and historic churches. We work collaboratively with PCC's and church groups to provide a bespoke service which fulfills the needs of each client. We are both Architects Accredited in Building Conservation (AABC), and award winning designers of contemporary new buildings. 

  • Barnsley Bate

    As Chartered Building Surveyors we specialise in the maintenance, renovation and refurbishment of existing buildings.  In the 30 years we have been involved in the care of churches we have dealt with those from the 15th Century  to more contempory types.  We undertake quinquennial inspections, defect inspections, planned maintenance inspections, prepare darwings & specifications and adminster contracts through to completion....

  • Barwin Property Services and Cleaning

    Barwin specialise in the delivery of a wide range of services in the fields of restoration, decorating and cleaning of the external building facades, structures and monuments. Since our inception over 30 years ago, we have deservedly gained a reputation for integrity and the superb quality of our work. We have built many strong relationships with our clients through an intelligent, hands-on approach and flexibility in delivering complex...

  • Campbell Smith & Co Ltd

    Since 1873 we have specialised in ecclesiastical decorations to over 12,000 private chapels, Royal Peculiars, parish churches, abbeys and cathedrals. Our recent works include: gilding the organ at Kings' College Chapel, the conservation of 15th Century polychrome wall-paintings in a parish church, the conservation of 19th Century crib figures and the external decorations to The Queen's Chapel.  We undertake consultancy, design work, fine...

  • Chawton Hill Associates Ltd

    Established in 2001 we are Fellows of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors & offer Quinquennial Inspection Reports & specialise in Ecclesiastical building consultancy services throughout London & the S.East. We are highly experienced in a wide variety of Church building types including Grades 1 and 2 listed buildings and approach every commission with an ethos of adaptability and inclusivity. 

  • Corebuild Ltd

    We are a Main Contractor based in South West London, who serve London, Greater London and Surrey. We have experience in extensions, refurbishment and general construction of schools and churches. We are very keen to work on more churches as we really enjoy being key to the preservation of historical buildings! 

  • CSC Regeneration

    We provide a comprehensive range of services relating to fund raising, and have worked with many churches and other community-led organisations. Many of our clients have wished to develop or improve a new hall, others wish to re-order the church so that it can be used while services are not taking place, and others have sought to preserve an ancient building. We therefore offer a service that is tailored to your needs, and can include: -...

  • DP Consulting

    DP Consulting is a Disability Equality Practice which includes providing an Access Audit Service particularly for church renovations.

  • Edgington Spink + Hyne Ltd

    Based in the heart of Windsor, close to London, we are a team of Architects and Designers, who are proud of our 160 year heritage in design innovation and conservation.We believe that good design is based on sound basic principles, should be sustainable and have longevity.  Most of the buildings that we have created remain in use and many are now listed.We are ambitious for our future and that of our Clients and Community. We design...

  • Heritage & Ecclesiastical Fire Protection

    Fire prevention and fire risk management must be your priority as the guardian of an historic church. All places of worship need a Fire Risk Assessment to protect life and to comply with the law and fire insurance requirements, but with a heritage church there is further dimension. You are the protectors of a building that has national cultural importance and is the historic spiritual focus of your community. It is your responsibility to...