Building advice


On our Building Advice area you will find a wealth of advice to help you know, care about and manage your church. You can explore the pages by using the navigation or simply follow the links below.

  • The Managing Building Projects pages will be of help if you are planning a building or repair project, with detailed advice about how to plan, fund, manage and evaluate your work, as well as what to do if things go wrong.
  • Our Resource Centre and Support Organisations pages includes  downloads and links to everything you could possibly need to find regarding church, chapel and meeting house buildings. It will be added to as new advice becomes available, so do check back often. And if there is anything you'd like us to add, or spot anything that needs changing, please let us know at 
  • Visit our  Professional Trades Directory to find a wide range of trades people who can help you with  any part of your church, chapel or meeting house.  Or if you are a company or an expert craftsperson, why not join our Trades Directory and ensure that your company name and brand are seen by churches and chapels who might need your services.
  • Finally, our Yorkshire Maintenance Project, including our new MaintenanceBooker service,  is designed to help keep churches and chapels in Yorkshire in good condition and prevent the need for expensive repairs.

Why Buildings Matter

As if that wasn't enough, before you explore the sections of our Building Advice area,  you might like to fire your enthusiasm by reading ‘Why Buildings Matter’, an excellent article written for the Arthur Rank Centre by church architect Nigel Walter. Reading it may help you understand why our church buildings matter, and what opportunities they present. But hopefully, you may know about that already!


Nigel Walter: Why Buildings Matter