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Treasure Ireland aims to increase the number of people visiting churches in Northern Ireland for days out or as part of a holiday.

Saul Church (N Ireland Tourism (c)At least 100 churches will be added to the National Churches Trust’s ExploreChurches tourism website, making it easy for visitors to discover the architecture and history of Northern Ireland’s religious heritage.

For churches and chapels, Treasure Ireland will help you to get more visitors by marketing and promoting your building more effectively. Training will be offered on church tourism, including advice on marketing and promotion, heritage interpretation and social media.

The project will also develop bookable church and chapel ‘Experiences‘, creating unique days out and aimed at attracting international group travel.

 Why not join us to discover how your place of worship can benefit from tourism; helping encourage visitors and raising funds. We will be holding the first in a series of 4 core workshops held remotely on Zoom on Friday 6th November: welcome, interpretation, publicity and income from ExperiencesThis session will look at:

  • Why should you welcome visitors to your church or chapel?
  • What is tourism worth in Northern Ireland?
  • What have we got to offer visitors?
  • Does your church say 'Welcome'?
  • What are the first impressions - both inside and out?
  • How do we meet and greet visitors?
  • Thinking through the risks involved in opening to visitors.

We will also consider the challenges and opportunities presented by Covid19.

The workshop is FREE and you can book a place here: Treasure Ireland Tourism Workshop


We will be organising an range of training events and opportunities over the next 3 years. To be kept informed of the latest opportunites and developments sign up to Treasure Ireland E-Newsletter 

Nina McNeary has recently been appointed as the Church Support Officer for the project and is keen to hear from you. So if you have any questions or would like to know more about the project just drop her an email:

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