Wesley Chapel


A grant project to help fund the removal of downstairs pews, the creation of a level floor and the re-design of some existing rooms and the kitchen. The building is a very large neo-classical chapel of 1862 origin situated in the centre of Harrogate. It was designed and built by Lockwood and Mawson. It is a grade II listed church building and a dominant landmark in the town. Its organ is 100 years old and the Chapel also have a Yamaha grand piano and guest pianists include Stephen Hough, Angela Hewitt, and Christina Ortiz. The chapel’s structure no longer suited its elderly congregation and restricts the activities required by younger members of the church family. The development was to provide the maximum flexibility for the community and full use of the chapel space, offering full weekday use for many more community groups and an extra revenue to secure the use of the building as a resource for the community.

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