St Peter & St Paul


Built around 1300, St Peter and St Paul’s Church is a Grade I listed building. For centuries this was an estate church to a succession of noble families. The Victorians re-ordered the church in the mid 19th Century, but retained the fixed nave box pews, one of the church’s distinguishing features.

Following lead theft from the nave roof in May 2016, and a similar theft from the chancel roof in June 2018, both now have a temporary roof covering and are leaking badly. The funding from the National Churches Trust will assist with the repair and replacement of the nave and chancel roofs.

Top tips from completed project feedback:

  • As with most building jobs, when you start it usually turns out that there is even more that is needed, and this project was just so. So not only did we need a completely new Chancel Roof, but a majority of the Nave Roof needed replacing, plus the ceiling.
  • To preserve the stonework, we needed to replace leaky gutters and drainpipes.
  • In addition to this it was highlighted by the Structural Engineer that internal stonework around 3 of the stained glass windows urgently needed attention, plus that one of the Tower Buttress stones was crumbling away and needed replacement – all of these were more cost effective whilst we had scaffolding and experienced contractors on site, so we increased our fundraising efforts, and more grant applications and got the work done.

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