St Peter ad Vincula


The Grade II* parish church is one of a few churches in England dedicated to St. Peter ad Vincula.  The most eminent example of this unusual dedication, in Britain, is the chapel in the Tower of London. The name means ‘St Peter in chains’ and refers to the disciple’s escape from prison as told in the Acts of the Apostles.

In July 2018 the lead from the roof on the South Aisle was stolen. We will replace the lead roof with terne-coated steel to reduce the possibility of further theft. While internal and external scaffolding is in place we intend to carry out all necessary work in this part of the church, including: replacement of crumbling Hornton stonework, remedying defects in the rainwater drainage system, treating the wood underlying the roofing material and replacing ‘blown’ plaster high up on the internal wall.

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