St Peter


A grant to help fund the restoration of the stone tiled roof and to repair stonework and pointing. St Peter’s is an 11th century church, built on an earlier sacred site, with a 14th century fortified tower. The church is the largest building in the village. Nestling in a fold of the hills above Crickhowell, at the foot of the Black Mountains, Llanbedr is a small but lively village with a Church School, pub and Village Hall as well St Peter's Church. The Welsh word Llanbedr means St. Peter, and the first priest listed in the parish was in the 11th Century. It is an ancient settlement known as Llanbedr Ystrad Yw by the Romans - which roughly translates as "The Llanbedr which is in the region of the yew tree" referring to an ancient yew in Cwmdu. The yew trees in Llanbedr churchyard are also ancient, one probably nearly three thousand years old, so it is likely to have been a place of worship before Christianity arrived.

Top tips from feedback:

- Make sure you have a really good main contractor, who you can work with on a personal level and who will be helpful.

- Make sure your architect has the right experience to take on your sort of project.

- Make sure you have enough funding in place at the start of the project - you will be facing very big invoices.

- Make some provision for cash flow - large invoices will come in at the beginning to cover set up, and some funders will not provide funds until after you have paid invoices.

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