St Patrick


Dates to January 1839. It was almost impossible to get permission to build a Catholic chapel at that time, however, the local priest upon death of the landlord told his son that his father had promised the land and the son gave permission. With the exception of the roof, the chapel was the result of voluntary labour using local stones and kilns. The stone work, windows and graveyard are all of historical interest with graves dates back to 1874 and facing East, which was the tradition at the time - that they may face the rising son. The chapel is a community social point for this small border, rural community near the "three points" where counties Fermanagh, Tyrone and Donegal meet, as well as two land borders.

The church urgently needs works carried out to protect it from the elements. These are works to the windows and to the external guttering. The project will involve storm proofing of the stained glass windows, and removal and repair of the guttering.


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