St Margaret of Antioch


The first church on this site was completed in 1769. However, by the mid 19th century, the population of Hollinwood had increased hugely to around 8,000 and the church was too small for those wishing to attend and had also become unsafe. The church wardens were advised that the woodwork was so rotten with dry rot that it would be cheaper to build a new church. In 1877 the old church was demolished and a temporary iron building erected near the site, used for weddings and other ministrations while the school was used for Sunday services. The foundation stone for the new church was laid on Easter Monday 1878. Costs rising, a planned ‘massive tower’ was abandoned leaving the next generation to complete this work. The building was eventually finished and furnished in August 1882. In 1904 the decision was made to complete the tower, dedicated by the Bishop of Burnley in 1906. 

Reroofing of the south pitch of the nave roof and the south aisle roof, together with repairs to the structure of the roof which is affected by dry rot and wet rot, renewal of rainwater goods to the affected areas and masonry repairs to the south nave clerestory. The roof will also be insulated alongside repair work. 

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