St Just-in-Penwith


The large parish church of St Just is located in the centre of St Just-in-Penwith, England’s most westerly town. A church has been present on the site since at least 1334, but the current building was constructed in the 15th century.

Its most historic feature is the Selus Stone, an upright slab of stone inscribed on all sides that is believed to date from the 5th or 6th century. A Latin inscription reads “Selus ic Iacit”, or “Selus had me made”. Seles is thought to be St Selevan, a Cornish saint of the period.

The church also features two medieval frescoes. One depicts George battling a dragon, the other shows Christ in a loincloth surrounded by medieval trade tools.

This Repair grant will contribute towards the cost of making the church watertight. The Victorian slate roof is letting water through and has caused chunks of plaster to break away from the ceiling. The failing slate will be replaced, as well as the ceiling, and faulty drains and gutters. This will alleviate damp, helping to safeguard the medieval wall paintings.

Repairing the fittings between the main roof and tower will stop water pouring down the tower wall next to the main fuse box.

St Just was also the winner of our 2019 Friends Vote. This awarded them with a £10,000 grant to help fund the church's major repair project to reroof the church, undertake masonry repairs and address the rainwater goods, to make the building watertight and safe for worshippers, building users and visitors. Read more here.

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