St John the Evangelist


The main body of the church dates from the mid-13th Century. The first known rector lived around 1230. The north aisle was added in the late 13th Century. The tower was added in 14th Century and five Decorated windows added to the east and west ends of the north aisle. Perpendicular windows were added to the south of the chancel in the 15th Century. In 2001, a 14th Century piscina was discovered. 

The westernmost Nave window is in very poor order, primarily due to water ingress. The glazing is distorted, has lost support through movement in this south facing location and failure of lead cames. Some panes have cracked and patch repairs with putty and other media have been made to maintain individual panes in position and stop drafts. The masonry has failed due to water ingress through the failure of the gutter and fracturing and decay of the external hood mould and preferential decay due to the impervious external render and mortar repair of the original clunch. The masonry of the window will be replaced externally from the glass-line outwards with a bath stone, similar to the window to the east, and the rainwater goods wil be repaired. 

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