St James the Greater


Awarded a grant to help fund the installation of a toilet and a kitchen servery. Currently the church has no toilet facilities whatsoever and uses one electric kettle on a flat board to produce basic refreshments, with no storage or cleaning facilities. The new facilities will benefit all users of the church, the local school and wedding and funeral attendees and also attract new visitors.

The parish church of St James dates from the 14th century with a 15th century tower. The church was restored in 1840 and presented with a number of stained glass panels that had originally come from Sainte-Chapelle in Paris, Saint-Denis near Paris, Le Mans cathedral, and Saint-Julien-du-Sault in Burgundy.

The church was restored in the 1840s and contains architectural memorials to Lord Howe, who sponsored the restoration, and early Victorian armourial stained glass by Thomas Willement, showing the arms of Queen Adelaide with the 21 German States. On the south side is a large window with the arms of the Curzon family as a central piece.

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