St James


St James’s is a small church, squeezing in just 54 people. Some of the masonry and the south doorway may date from around 1200. For some of this time it served as a pig sty. Apart from a few minor changes and the introduction of electricity, St James’s church appears to have changed little if at all over the centuries. As such it represents a valued and reassuring constant in today’s changing times. The little church makes a unique contribution to the community through its simple, peaceful and intimate character, and inspires deep affection amongst locals and visitors alike.

Top tips from feedback:

- We wanted something to be proud of ......and that costs! Don't be afraid of going for the best, donors also want the same.

- Have local backing and keep them informed, however much work that entails. Our newsletters, well produced and attractive, were very helpful.

- Regular meetings of the Group... there is always business and they feel part of the Project

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