St Helen


The church, believed to be the oldest in Worcester, is in a conservation area. The work will include clearing the gutters and tower of five years accumulation of bird guano. Repairs are urgently needed with the building’s main roof leaking in heavy rain requiring buckets to be placed to catch the deluge, notably next to the main entrance.

Despite changes and additions over the years, culminating in a major Victorian restoration, the church remains a good example of how city centre churches would have looked in the Middle Ages. The church houses many notable artefacts including the monuments of Anne, wife of John Fleet alias Walsgrove, (1600); Alderman John Nash (1661); and 'Dud' Dudley's monument to his wife bearing his own epitaph.

Aside from the safety and usability of the building, it is essential for the project to go ahead so that the wide range of ministry activity taking place can continue, and so that the local community and visitors can benefit from its prominent high street position, history and architecture. The current repair project is a turning point for the church, showing that St Helen's is a significant cultural destination and beneficial to its community.

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