St Giles


Blaston St Giles is one of six churches serving six small villages in rural south-east Leicestershire. It is a small church built in the 1880s to the design of G E Street and serves a village of only 24 households. The church has two screen-mounted stained glass windows, reputedly from the original House of Lords. 

The original wood platforms (130 years old) supporting the 17 pews in the nave are decaying and need complete replacement by treated joists and floorboards on sound brick piers, with waterproof membrane. This work will cause damage to the plaster and paint on the walls (to which the pew-ends are secured) requiring re-plastering and redecoration before the pews are refitted. The work is urgent for reasons of safety. The pews will be safe to use, the church's Victorian heritage will be preserved, and the newly re-decorated nave will be bright and welcoming. The project will restore essential Victorian fittings in this Victorian village church.

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